26 March 2009

Brings a tear to the eye

AC Milan fans sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" during a minutes silence to commemorate Hillsborough...

06 January 2009

Finally some good news

From the BBC...
"Morris dancing could be 'extinct' within 20 years because young people are too embarrassed to take part, a UK Morris association has warned. The number of people taking part in the English folk dance is falling while the average age of the dancers is going up..."

Excellent. Although "embarrassed" is the wrong term, "too busy falling about laughing at grown men making twats of themselves" is perhaps closer to the truth.

I hate Morris dancers, always have. What is so good about banging bits of wood together while jingling pointlessly? I don't care if it's tradition, so was bear-baiting. One of the most annoying things in the world is settling into a delicious country pub pint in a quiet corner of Sussex only to be disturbed by a bunch of bearded saddoes fresh from a psychotic's dressing-up box. Many years ago I even witnessed a woman playing air accordion, wearing the kind of badge-filled jumper that marked her out as the kind of person who collects the beermats at beer festivals and loves helping out instead of drinking. I think that was the moment I decided to grow up to rule the world and immediately slaughter all the jingly people without mercy. Unless evolution gets them first, of course. Hopefully the youth of today have lives and I'll be spared all that conquering.