25 April 2010


"Got more soul than a sock with a hole"
"A lot of bitches think he's overly chauvinistic"
"He's in it for the quiche, might as well not ask him for some free shit capiche?"
Rhinestone Cowboy

"Like a soup sandwich on a hand dish
Some say his language was way too outlandish
He did his thing, spoke in a jig slang
And translate Einstein's theory of the Big Bang"
Mr. Clean

"It's how son became a big man from a black boy
To name names, a really big fan of Dan Ackroyd"
Vaudeville Villain

"Oh and I know, You wanna see a wino bring the wine out"
"No, I haven't seen Kes Neelix
'Oh yeah? Just you stay away from her with those lyrics'
Please, ain't nobody fucking after her
I'm out of here as soon as I fix the flux capacitor"
A Dead Mouse

"Pick a crime he was out in the nick of time
To get paid another day and live to kick a sicker rhyme"
"The tests show lactose, ambisol, lecithin
Five types of aspirin and other kinds of medicines
Next time I'll bring my men who speak Mexican
And let the tek's spin
Make 'em contact the next of kin"
Lactose and Lecithin