22 July 2006

George Harrison sings "The Pirate Song"

Amazingly how quickly we've forgotten the cultural force that was Rutland Weekend Television. Ahaaarghhh me hearties!

One-eyed mad Captain Mod out.

18 July 2006

"Yo, Blair..."

Overheard at the G8 conference. Confirming all our fears that Dubya's grip on facts and details is somewhat lacking, and all Blair cares about is continuing to be able to sit at the big boys' table. Excruciating.

Mod out.

06 July 2006

Mastercard blues

Or rather reds and yellows. The Register has an amusing report on how Mastercard's new logo was achieved with reams of top class management bullshit.

"The launch of the new corporate brand identity follows an extensive analysis of the MasterCard brand and the value proposition it represents to constituents" is just one of the astonishingly content-free sentences... Well, it made me laugh.

mod out.

...I mean, brand and identity surely mean the same thing in this context. They use brand twice. "Value proposition"? Constituents? What are they, running for Parliament? Suckers of Satan's cock, every one of them.