06 January 2010

Maybe not

I was googling Manic Street Preachers lyrics and was confronted by this option on some website...

I realise that it probably does that for every song in the database, even "Murder Your Children Using Chainsaws" by Pantera, but it still made me laugh. I almost wish I had a mobile so I could waste 49p on testing it out. Almost.

05 January 2010

Never mind the over rate, what about my heart rate?

Geoffrey Boycott is pissing me off at the moment. It's not like I was ever a fan, but he's reached new heights of useless twattery during this current South African series. Yesterday he was banging on about the rules of golf and how they apply to women, thus throwing some casual sexism into his already well-stirred mix of narrow-minded arrogance. Every other comment is prefaced with "As I may have said before" or "Well, in my day" before some tedious bit of self-aggrandising bollocks, as today when he said "I didn't make much, well, 60 or so".

Why the BBC haven't sent him to the knackers yard by now I don't know. The other commentators, particularly the English ones, seem to be just humouring him, feeding him leading questions so he can happily rant about his career while they get on with the cricket. I rarely shout "cunt" at the top of my voice but an unexpected "corridor of uncertainty" today made me do just that. It's easier to just turn the radio off for 20 minutes.

TMS is one of my favourite things in the world - witness Aggers' interview today with MCC President John Barclay, one of the most entertaining bits of radio I've ever heard (here from about 2:26 in) - and to go from that back to Boycott's boorish idiocy was so depressing. I can't seem to find the right amount of swearwords for a big final sentence so you'll have to do it yourself. Make a phrase using some or all or the following words (feel free to add your own):-
fucker Boycott wifebeating wanker cunt twat Geoffrey massive is arse a old git.

Feel better? Me too.