02 May 2006

If I hear the word "metatarsal" one more time...

Top five reasons why I don't care about Wayne Rooney's injury:-

1. He looks like a potato
2. He used to play for Everton
3. The less Manchester United players in the England squad the better
4. I want Brazil to win the World Cup anyway
5. He'll need the time off to learn to spell for his £5million book deal

Kopite Mod out.

01 May 2006

Unless You're Very Lucky

In a change to the published program I've decided to chance a foray into mp3 blogging. This week I bought on cd one of my favourite albums, Astronauts by the Lilac Time, which I also have on vinyl but for that reason never play. It's a gently melodic collection of wistful songs by Stephen Duffy, who's amazingly still better known for having the dodgy soubriquet of "Tintin" in an earlier incarnation, and also recently supping with the Devil and writing songs for Robbie Williams.

In between his band, named after a line in the Nick Drake song "River Man", made 4 albums of acoustic gems that couldn't have been less inkeeping with the late 80s and early 90s fashions for all things grunge and madchester if he'd started an Arthur Askey tribute band. But then Blur did that, eh.

So here is my favourite tune, and indeed one of my favourite songs by anyone ever. "Grey Skies and Work Things", as in:-

"I know what tomorrow will bring
- Unless you're very lucky -
Grey skies and work things"

Folky mod out.