27 July 2005

Hiphop lyric of the day

This has been making me chuckle for weeks. From "Gangster Boogie" by Toddy Tee and Mix Master Spade (no, really), which also blatantly and gloriously samples Dame David Bowie's "Fame", comes this lyrical gem...

"The high rollers of rap are back in your town
So let's rock this boogie with the woogie-oogie breakdown"

The woogie-oogie breakdown. That well known LA dance step. Maybe. But then what does rhyme with boogie? It's a tough life being an MC. I'd imagine. Storming tune all in, though.

(Drunk) mod out.

1 comment:

thisismarcus said...

Drunk Mod! Welcome back! (You'll be saying that to me in a couple of weeks. Not the Mod part, the other part.)

A "noogie" is when you rub your fist with a knuckle sticking out on your friends head, to annoy him. (I'll be happy to demonstrate when I see you.) Anyway, it rhymes with boogie but could have an adverse affect on overseas sales :)