19 August 2005

Holy analingus, Batman!

Now that I've got your attention...

I just read this BBC news story. In short, an artist called Mark Chamberlain had a show at a posh New York Gallery featuring the above painting and similar others, including a lovely shot of Robin and his bum, as part of a whole collection of gay Batman pictures. Although they've been there since February, DC Comics have only just got their act together and sent the lawyers in.

Now, I'm no lawyer, and I'm sure it's important that copyright on something like Batman is protected, otherwise clearly the world will end and no-one will get any cake, but doesn't the fact that it's "art" count for something? How come Warhol didn't get sued for his Campbell soup tins? Also, isn't there a world of difference between the mafia selling millions of fake dvds and one bloke painting some pictures? Apparently not, but that's lawyers for you. No sense of beauty or appreciation of how hard it is to afford good quality brushes.

So is there more to it? Is the fact that he portrays them as gay the problem? Given they've spent decades prancing around in tights, I reckon the cat's out of the bag on that one, and DC should learn to live with the fact that people's perceptions may not match the company line.

I'm less interested in the art than I am in the whole kerfuffle about it, but since we're talking about fruity pictures of the caped crusader, see some of the rest of the paintings here and hope that DC's pursuit of anyone who chooses to offer an individual take on their product bankrupts the fuckers.

Mod out.


exH said...

Warhol's Campbell's soup? Ther must be a better example than than tame, innocuous cheap shot.

The Paranoid Mod said...

Hockney's chocolate digestives? Picasso's paella? Rothko's condom packet designs?

thisismarcus said...

D.C. should learn to live with the fact that people's perceptions may not match the company line.

Good observation, though don't wish bankruptcy on Detective Comics cos I applied for a job with them!

The Paranoid Mod said...

I never knew it stood for Detective Comics. Not quite as snappy as DC, is it?

Count said...

Holy fucking sputum Batman, I've still got Bat ejecta on my chin!