30 October 2005

Sgt. Rafa's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Trawling through one of my favourite Liverpool FC forums (and I have several) I found a link to the above picture, which has been proudly gracing my desktop all weekend. Bringing together pop art, classic 60s rock (although I don't like the album nearly as much as Abbey Road or Revolver) and some of my all time heroes, it's made me a very happy mod.
Highlights for me are John Barnes in a gimp mask, Cisse in the dressing gown, and Stevie G as John Lennon (of course). The Shankly bust is a nice touch too. Clearly some people have too much time on their hands, but if they didn't there's a whole range of stuff we wouldn't have. This is merely the acceptable end. I would claim.
Mod out.


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