09 August 2006

My Heroes

Protestors boarded a US Military plane at Prestwick Airport to perform a "citizen's inspection" for bombs. Story. Wonderful. The shame of how we let the US refuel their death filled cargo planes has been eating me up since the whole thing kicked off. Apparently it's not happening any more, but Bliar should be put in the stocks for a week for allowing it in the first place.

(Brought to my attention at The Scottish Patient).

Mod out.


SystemAbuser said...


Why so they give weapons to Israel and food to us?

The Paranoid Mod said...

That's quite some lead at the top of the aid league table...

Saudi Arabia:
$1 billion to prop up Lebanese currency
$500m for reconstruction
$50 million emergency humanitarian aid
USA: $30 million
Kuwait: $20 million
UAE: $20 million
EU: $12.6 million
Britain: $9.2 million
Sweden: $5.5 million
Morocco: $5 million

If only Lebanon had oil...