29 October 2006

An overlooked gem

Slightly hungover today, in a good way. Lunch is cooking, and the sun is shining. Some kind of Autumnal mood made me put on an album I haven't listened to in at least 5 years, First Fruits by Eggman. There are cellos, flutes and harmonies, the guitars cut in appropriately noisily and it's a beautiful little English rock album.

The fact that no-one's heard of it is hardly surprising, given the messy and entirely boring denouement of Britpop. In 1995 the Boo Radleys had their big number one album, and Creation were flush with all of Oasis' money. Maybe Alan McGee was high, maybe just in a good mood, but he let Sice (the Boo's lead singer) cut a solo album, which almost immediately slid into obscurity. Being a stupidly obsessive Boo's fan I bought it, and it's still a lovely collection of songs that have verses and choruses and the right number of eights in the middle and an edge of melancholy. Or at least that's how it seems today. I wish Autumn would get on with it, I'm bored of this Indian summer in October.

Mod inside and staying there.


Scribbler said...

Just think of the electricity you are saving!

The Paranoid Mod said...

Meh. I want to be mostly wearing scarves and coats and it's still too warm...