09 November 2006

The Time is Right for Dancing in the Street

"The Republican beast is fuckin' dead! Twelve years of that rampaging Republican fuckin' elephant-beast finally brought to its knees. Yes! You're dead, you fucker! You fuck! You fuck, you're dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! We hate you! Hate you! Now do you know it? Now do you feel it? Feel the fuckin' hate. Feel it. Call off your dogs. Call your little Vietnamese pot-bellied Rush Limbaugh back to your fold, you demon fuck! Bring Pat Buchanan back! Call him back, you lost! Finally...the Republican beast-elephant brought to its fuckin' knees. 'Cause I feel like me and my friends and all the artists in the fuckin' country were like little pygmy tribes shootin' darts at that elephant for twelve years, and finally [elephant trumpeting, then crashing noise]. Do our little pygmy dance: [singing] Na na na na na na na! Na na na na na na na! Na na na! Yes!"
- Bill Hicks, 1993.

What he said.

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SystemAbuser said...

Hicks is like a god to me. Lets hope it really does mean change. Will it stop this; http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ops/iran-strikes.htm