11 December 2006

Two facts from the New Yorker

The American Embassy in Baghdad has just 6 fluent Arabic speakers (out of 1,000 employees).

The average American household owns 4 Bibles.

I'm. Not. Saying. A. Word.

Mod out (of patience for trying to feel sorry for America. Just a bit. Sorry).


Basquiat Scrawls said...

There's no need to feel sorry for a crumbling empire, its a shame that they didn't learn from our mistakes. Watching the chaos of Iraq is painfully reminiscent of the British in India (cos i was alive then don't you know!)and now there's talk of partitioning the country. For a government renowned for employing academics they seem to have an amazing ability to forget history. And may i remind you that there's no such thing as an average household i mean if the world judged you on the content of 'the sun' would you be happy?

The Paranoid Mod said...

The sad thing is that partitioning worked in the sense that we got out and left everyone to fight each other. There's a good line in Yes Minister about it.
Fine, there's no such thing as average, but it does point to an awful lot of Bibbles floating around the US. If some have none, perhaps others have 20. Scary.