05 March 2007

Muse of the Month

Well, the last 3 months, really. Basquiat Scrawls' post on Joanna Newsom got me wondering why I haven't given her the time of day yet. The same friend that fixed her up pressed a copy of that album into my hand a while back, with what sound like the same fairly exacting listening instructions. And what have I done? Nothing. Because of Jenny Lewis. I only have time for one bewitching cute genius in my life, you see.

"Have mercy, have mercy, have mercy on me
Let's pretend that everybody here wants peace..."

1 comment:

Basquiat Scrawls said...

Well, i appreciate that Jenny Lewis can certainly 'melt your heart' to use her own fair words but i definatley have room for two in my life!
and as an after thought i think that as a twin i'm a little bit suspisious of grown twins who dress identically even if its a good sales/style gimic, that said Ms Lewis is still a genius.