22 April 2007

Bastard Bastard American Bastard Bastards*

Read this article from yesterday's Guardian. Go on. Written by one of the lawyers trying to help the prisoners in Guantanamo, it's a shocking indictment of how weird the US military is. Beyond the torture and the wider questions about how many of the men should actually be there, it details how hard they have made it for anyone to help them, let alone free them. Among the things he's prevented from taking into his clients are National Geographic and Runner's World; all his notes have to go via Washington where everything is censored, and they blatantly lie to him without seeming to care that he knows it.

What the fuck is their problem? This has gone so far through the looking glass and up the white rabbit's arse that I'm not even sure whether I know who to hate. Bush, Cheney, the US military, for sure, but what about the individuals involved at all levels? Don't they have a single bit of conscience? I guess you trade that at the door for a big shiny gun, and anyone who wants to be in an army is clearly psychotic to start with.

Although I do think that Runner's World looks dangerous. All those healthy people. It's not right.

*Not all of them, of course. Just the ones in uniform. And the rightwing ones. And the Dave Matthews Band.


SystemAbuser said...

This time in history is going to be remembered as when people hadn't quite woken up to the tyranny of power that the american military have. Nazi ideals live on in their attitude towards the world, they believe that they are better and know the more.
I hope one day that the 'secrecy' will be blown apart, literally.

The Paranoid Mod said...

My Uzi weighs a ton, you know.

Scribbler said...

What scares me most is that we are just as bad. We have had to take our suspects out of prisons thanks to Europe but instead we keep them under house/room arrest, don't allow them access to the internet, telephones and people (unless cleared by the home secretary). They are not told what they are accused of, simply that there is not enough evidence to convict them, they are not allowed their own lawyers in court and the judge and representatives (they cannot be present themselves) are government appointed. And they more than likely have done nothing wrong. It makes me mad.