10 May 2007

Terrorism Sussex Style

Someone I know was given one of these cards as he came out of Lewes station today. Obviously the investigation is not going well. As this article reports, since parking meters were introduced in the town in 2004 a steady stream of them have been vandalised and blown up by homemade devices. The last I heard was that police had done some DNA tests on a lager can found near the site of one attack, and managed to rule out a local wino. Fine work there, I'm sure we all agree.

Of course, this being Lewes, homemade devices are ten a penny. Half the town is involved in making things for the annual Bonfire celebrations, and the other half love the sound and fury it creates. So I don't think that CrimeStoppers are going to have much luck. It'll take more than cash to crack the omerta of the Bonfire Boys, after all they used to go to prison for their right to march.

The whole thing is alternatively hilarious and ridiculous. It's cool (I think) that people are taking the law into their own hands, and that a community as well-off as Lewes tacitly supports such activity. On the other hand, cars are shit and from my vantage point on the high street I have no doubt that the meters have made the town a lot less congested. So in conclusion, who cares. Only the Police...


SystemAbuser said...

Blow them up I say, metal tax collectors must die!!!

thisismarcus said...

I got a parking ticket at quarter to eleven at night on Wednesday. Arses!