03 July 2007

Big and clever

Some sweary highlights from tonight's "The Thick of It" on BBC4...

"We are going to ram you so hard up Tom's arse that he'll have to shit out of his mouth."
"Ok, twatweasle, you got that?"
"It sucks cock so deep that the bellend is wearing your appendix as a hat."
"You couldn't organise a bum rape in a barracks."
"Normally you're about as secure as a hymen in a south London comprehensive."
"I will personally eviscerate you. Obviously I don't have your education so I don't know what that means, but I'll start by ripping your cock off and busk it from there."
"Oh God, it's like a prostate consultant's waiting room in here."
"You don't leak. Well, not from the mouth, anyway."


SystemAbuser said...

ask hell for her egg curry receipe, please!!! Sorry, comment nothing to do with you!!
x x

SystemAbuser said...

i think she should blog it, so i can read it at any time!

Scribbler said...

Check out the scribbles in the margins blog for your recipe. I think abusing this blog for random conversation is a great idea! xxx

thisismarcus said...

You missed "I download images of children being abused." Ah, hindsight...

The Paranoid Mod said...

Well, no, cos this was a new show that didn't have in it. But anyway.