18 July 2008

Things I didn't know a week ago

Tortoiseshell is actually made from tortoises (don't know what I thought it was made from, but there you go).
In England and France lectern Bibles lay upper cover up, in Germany and Holland lower cover up.
The Stationers' Company didn't let anyone bind octavos or larger in sheepskin.
Remboitage is a good word.
The people on the 8.06 from Haywards Heath are actually dead - mentally, physically, culturally and any other way you could measure it (unless looking at blackberries is some kind of sign of life, that is).

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Anonymous said...

Remboitage: 1) The practice of using French words when an English word is more than adequate. 2) needless showing-off 3) replacing the remaining pizza back it's box for storage before frying for breakfast.