20 May 2005

Saddam in his pants

Gosh, what a storm in a hypocritical teacup. The Sun claiming it's doing it's bit to shame a tyrant (nothing to do with sales then) and the Americans suddenly getting interested in the Geneva Convention to conceal the fact that their big shiny war machine can't stop some cleaner with a polaroid snapping away.

I'm not sure where I stand, and not sure if I care in any case. I believe in justice for all, even Saddam, but also don't really care if he's photographed in his pants. I don't buy the Sun anyway, not since Hillborough and the lies they printed.

No, what's really got me is the Bush administration bringing up the Geneva Convention for the first time. Um. Hi there, George. What about Guantanamo Bay? Or about the countries to which you export suspects so they can be interrogated using less than constitutional methods? It's kind of funny to hear you getting all self-righteous about some petty pictures of an old man in his pants. But not funny haha really. More funny you-sick-fascist-fucks.

So, Dubya vs. the Sun. A match truly made in hell. May they both lose... not sure how that's going to work really, but it's the only outcome I'll be happy with.

Mod out.


thisismarcus said...

I should really keep up with the news better. Apparently there's hypocrisy in the world now. When did that happen?

The Paranoid Mod said...

Around the time of the Chatterly ban and the Beatles' first LP...