04 June 2007

Corporate English

A friend of mine was sent this letter after complaining about a meal they'd had. One the one hand, it's admirable that a complaint should be answered when most companies of Wagamama's size could care less, but one has to ask, where were they when the punctuation was handed out? And is there some house style which bans the use of capital letters? They're obviously massive e.e. cummings fans.

Been making me chuckle all week. Mod out for random carriage return soup.


SystemAbuser said...

Their design brief must say: The only capital to be used is the letter 'I'. Even all the small print at the bottom is like it. It does give a humble impression no? Although I don't think they use this just for apologies, its across the board, check out their website!

thisismarcus said...

The moral of the story is there's an easy way to get free vouchers for wagamama. Thanks for the tip!